Passion Plus Success Habits #3

by Laura West

So you have your work you are passionate about.

But you also may be feeling…

– you aren’t making any money at your passion

– your passion is shifting, evolving and you don’t know where it’s going yet

– a strong urge to do bigger work – to make a bigger impact, to influence the world in a bigger way… but you’re not sure where to plug in.

What you need is Passion PLUS Success Habit #3!

#3: Passion + Container

What I mean by this is that you need a place to put your passion – a vehicle to start getting it out into the world.

A container could be a…

  • teleclass
  • webinar
  • ebook
  • podcast
  • short workshop
  • retreat
  • article series

You need to have a vehicle, or a container, to start putting your passionate work out into the world.

I like to think of them as Passion Projects.

When you have a Passion Project – it gives you a sandbox to play in.

It’s here you discover your voice. Your point of view. What makes you unique and stand out.

It’s here that you see what sticks, what moves people and what doesn’t.

It’s here you make edits, changes, refinements to your work.

You can’t do it without a container.

We’ll be talking about Passion Projects and how to make them real with my Creative Alchemy™ process at my upcoming Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.

It’s how I’ve created so many products, programs, retreats over the 16 years I’ve been a coach.

This retreat is an amazing experience to be able to go deep and find your voice and create a Passion Project for your work to get out into the world.

See what one of last year’s wonderful women has to say:

Rebeccas Kirson,

Rebecca says about the retreat, “It’s an amazing opportunity to go deep, be your bright light and be seen. Here you connect with your strengths so finally move forward!”

If you want to get in touch with that passionate work that wants to emerge… let’s talk about the October retreat!

You can find out more details here:

And then just contact me so we can set up a time to talk.

There’s only a couple of spots left. It’s already an amazing group of women coming from around the US (although we’ve had women come from Canada and Japan!)… you’ll love to meet them.

The early bird savings of $200 ends this Friday so let’s schedule a time to talk this week!

Cheers to you and your Passion Projects!

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