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Each month, we’ll focus on a fun, fresh, exciting topic that focuses on enhancing your creativity, keeping you in your flow, and fueled by your joy. You’ll be welcomed by the like-hearted community of ambitious, spiritual and soul-led creative entrepreneurs!

The Simplify and Amplify Workshop Series will help you step into your leadership of your SoulWork in a way that is nurturing to your heart and soul.  We’ll simplify the strategies so you can find your authentic marketing style and feel good about marketing – not overwhelmed. Then we’ll amplify your energy, bringing in divine guidance and opening up your creativity so you can be a magnetic beacon of light to your Soul Tribe.

In each workshop, you’ll get a creative strategy that empowers you to:

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Topic for December:
Let’s Create Your 2024 SoulWork Manifesto!

Discover your unique Bliss & Brilliance ingredients that will help you…
*Being able to look at your manifesto is a compelling and magnetic way to start the year  – for you and your clients!
*A SoulWork Manifesto is a magical way to align your energy with your mission and purpose. It reminds YOU of what you are up to in the world!
*It also is the perfect thing to use in your marketing to quickly call clients forward – your personal essence and purpose expressed in a compelling and inspiring manifesto!

Together we’ll get you started on how to create your own SoulWork Manifesto!


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Be sure to mark your calendar for Simplify & Amplify monthly workshops!
3rd Wednesday of each month
(check your time zone)

Laura West knows that when you are aligned with your joy, purpose and unique brilliance – success is inevitable! She has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and professionals unlock their Soul Work, creativity, and leadership presence.

Laura is the CEO of the Center for Joyful Business, author of The Joyful Business Plan, and host of Joyful Business TV and podcast.  She helps coaches, healers, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs shift the blocks so that they claim their creative leadership, and share their Soul Work in a bigger way…all while making a positive difference and great money!

Laura’s unique approach to success blends conscious business, creativity, spirituality, intuition, positive psychology, and leadership skills with practical marketing.