Passion Plus Success Habits #2

by Laura West

In my last post I shared with you about being successful in a passion-based business takes more than passion.

It’s Passion PLUS!

What’s the PLUS? The PLUS is Success Habits.

The Passion is the fuel and the PLUS is what happens day in and day out that gives your passion shape, form and substance… it’s what will help you create a successful business around your passion instead of a wild rollercoaster ride of sales ups and downs.

The second Passion Plus Success Habit is:


Your passion gives you that fire. Boldness. Courage.

When you take action from that fiery place – things happen! Opportunities come to you. Ideas flow out of you like a fountain.

Everything feels limitless.

The problem comes in when the universe serves up this buffet that looks like it was created just for you. It ALL looks good.

But when you say yes to everything at a buffet. You know how you feel. Sick to your stomach. Overwhelmed. Bloated with over indulgence. Tired.

This is why you need to practice DISCERNMENT.

Say No more frequently.

Say YES more fully.

It’s only when you say no to the stuff that’s like filler stuff that you can say YES to what you truly want.

It’s a muscle to build. To practice building up.

If you are busy running around like your hair’s on fire, then you can’t hear that whisper of the Full Big YES!

You can’t hear your intuition speaking to you in whispers…

Saying… hey, dear one… go over here…

That’s one of the reasons I created the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.

So you can slow down… and hear the whispers.

That’s part of what I know works. Slow down to go fast.

Slow down so that intuitive guidance can catch up with you.

Slow down and have rich meaningful conversations that go deep. So you can find your voice.

Slow down so you can see what really wants to emerge.

If you want to come slow down with me… and a small group of other wonderful women entrepreneurs – let’s talk!

Check out the basic information about the retreat here.

And then contact me to set up a time to talk about it.

There’s only a couple of spots left… and the early sign up savings goes away next Friday.

So, if this sounds like how you want to run your business. From the inside out. And you know you need to slow down to even connect with your insides… then let’s talk.

I hope you create a most amazing week!

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