Creative Alchemy – Creating from the Inside Out

by Laura West

Hello Creative One!

Yes, I’m talking to you! You are creative. I know because we all (every single one of us!) have the power to create in our lives and businesses.

We all create experiences, environments, relationships, self-talk, conversations with others.

We create gardens, cakes, dinners, an impromptu summer cook-out.

In our businesses we are creating all the time… your unique experience of a webinar, a program, a workshop, even emails such as this one.

We create joy, ease, delight, beauty, appreciation, and compassion.

Or… not.

This is all part of the Creative Alchemy ™ process. Being conscious that you are always creating… and choosing what you are creating.

In your life.

In your business.

And using this Creative Alchemy to create new adventures. New programs. New books. New messages… deeper, richer messages. And new experiences for your clients to work with you and achieve success.

I’ve been working with Creative Alchemy™ for decades and have just put a name to my process. I’ve unveiled this to my private clients – they are all very excited and like… “YES! Right on, Laura! This IS what you do and who you are! And we want more!”

This October, in my Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea, we’ll be working with this process – consciously integrating it into your DNA. This is how creative entrepreneurs really work. From the inside out.

Would you like to join us? It’s a small intimate group. All of who are calling forth that next body of work.

You’ll be in good company.

Tomorrow is the last day to save $200 on the all inclusive retreat.

If you think you’re interested. Let’s talk! You can find more details here: Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.

And then send me an email or FB message and let’s set up a time to talk today or tomorrow.

This will truly change your life. What you’ll experience here you will take back with you and it will forever change the way you create. Making it more powerful, more aligned with who you really are. THAT’S what I call sustainable business.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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