Elegant Enrollment will Help You to Stop Doubting Yourself and Find Your Confidence!

Your Sales Conversations will be easier, you'll feel less salesy and get the clients you love...

With my Elegant Enrollment system, you’ll…

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I’m Laura

I help coaches, healers and change-makers create and grow highly profitable businesses without soul-crushing marketing strategies, hard hustle or cookie-cutter formulas.


You can grow a successful business with soul-nourishing business practices, and high-integrity, creative marketing that feels authentic and aligned with your Soul Work.


For the past 20 years, I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to discover and claim their unique brilliance, creative expression, and rebel marketing style in order to joyfully build a business that creates big ripples in the world (… and big deposits in their bank account.)


I believe that you and your work matters. I believe that we are here to make a difference in our world…starting in our own lives. We have the power to shift and be a little more resourceful right now when we choose to align with our best self and let her create! When you allow joy into your day and let your voice be heard – anything is possible! You can’t help but to attract those opportunities to you!

Elegant Enrollment Training,
Scripts and Worksheets


  • Here’s what you’ll get immediate access to (just in time for your next sales conversation.)​
  • Elegant Enrollment Training Video​
  • Enrollment Conversation Script​
  • Objections Worksheet​
  • Feel confident that you will know how to elegantly move a client through a natural conversation to offer a solution to help them – without feeling inauthentic and salesey.