I Glued My Face on Top of Hers

by Laura West

I’ve been in business 15 years now. What seems like the norm for me now was once scary and challenging.

I remember a few years into my business. I wanted to lead retreats and workshops.

But I didn’t want to lead them in a dark brown hotel room in the basement level with no windows. I have a core belief that a beautiful environment changes what happens in the room.

Well, I then saw a colleague who was leading a retreat on the beach. I was so inspired! If she could do it, so could I!

I am a big believer in the power of Vision Boards so I printed off the banner on her sales page, cut it out and then printed off a picture of me. Then I glued my face right on top of hers and hung it on my Vision Bulletin Board over my desk.

Yep, that’s what I did. I glued my face right over her face!

It was so powerful to claim what I really wanted and to have this visual of me being my big brilliant self – it was life and business changing!

With my daily reminder hanging above me I started taking courageous steps…

  • I signed up for a retreat in gorgeous location so I could experience the power myself.
  • I researched beautiful locations and creative spaces here in Atlanta.
  • Then I got brave and started researching locations along the ocean in cities I love (or wanted to visit).

I realized that I could just as easily hold a retreat in a beautiful location on the ocean as I could in a dark hotel room. If I was going to lead… why not lead in a beautiful environment!

Then I found a hotel in my home town, Virginia Beach, that was new, right on the boardwalk of the Atlantic Ocean AND they had a perfect size room with gigantic windows facing the ocean!

I took a brave, courageous step and created a sales page and a banner with MY picture on it for my first retreat!

To this day it’s still my favorite hotel space of all time. We have many fun stories about seeing dolphins swimming by at just the perfect moment during my events.

Since then I’ve led dozens of retreats and workshops, many of them at the ocean in hotels, boutique lodging, oceanfront homes and some of them in cool, creative farms and gorgeous hotel rooms in Atlanta (they are there if you look for them!)

I share this with you because many of my clients tell me… they have this dream too. They want to lead retreats. In beautiful, interesting, creative locations.

Does this sound like you?

Well, the first step is to go to a retreat to find out how magical it really is. (Ok, that’s the 2nd step – the first step is to glue your picture over mine or someone else who inspires you and claim your dream!)

I have the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a business-changing retreat on the ocean in a beautiful and nurturing environment.

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea!

It’s coming up this October on the oceanfront in the private, quiet part of southern Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s my favorite retreat house with private bedrooms for everyone, lots of decks to view the dolphins, sunsets and sunrises and most of all, it’s perfect for great conversations about creating a successful business that matters.

When you decide to come to the retreat you’ll…

  • See firsthand the power of small, intimate retreats.
  • Experience the simplicity of leading retreats and the transformational shifts that happen.
  • Create your own vision for your business and gain clarity about what’s next.
  • Be filled with ideas for your own retreats.

If retreats are part of your vision, then let’s talk about you coming to the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. You can experience it first hand plus step into YOU leading retreats too!

You can find out a bit more on our Information Page.

And then the next step is to say YES I want to talk with Laura about my dream. It’s time!

You can schedule our time together here.

If you aren’t sure yet, send me an email and let me know what you are thinking.

It’s truly an extraordinary experience to help you get clear and step in your What’s Next! (Whether it’s retreats or not.)

Oh, and by the way, September 1st is the early bird sign up deadline. You’ll want to save some $$ so let’s talk this week!

Schedule that call with me and then get out your glue and scissors!

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