Why Hard Work Isn’t Enough

by Laura West

Most of us know someone who works hard, but has no time to enjoy the success they have created.

As an business owner, I know you are like me and that working all of the time was not the #1 reason we decided to create a company.

The thing is, it takes more than reading a book or just changing your thinking to grow a successful business and have a delicious life. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

But if you’ve already tried marking off your calendar for free time and making plans on the weekend and you are still working, or thinking about work a lot…

…the answer isn’t to give in and work more.

It’s to stop and understand how to move from talking the talk to walking the walk.

Thankfully, I’ve got a phenomenal resource for you – my friend and colleague Wendy Watkins.

If you’ve been asking yourself questions like…

  • How do I create habits and rituals to support my success and fulfillment?
  • How do I leverage my income to allow me to have (and enjoy) more free time?
  • What do I need EXACTLY to increase my confidence and honor the boundaries I set for myself?
  • When will I finally have the life and business I have been dreaming about?
  • Will I ever be happy and satisfied with my life and business? (You can be… I promise!)

Then read the rest of this – because help is on its way.

Wendy is a smart lady

  • She’s owned her coaching company for 13 years and started a second company, Simply Flourishing, LLC in 2012.
  • She has studied personal and professional development since she met Dr. Wayne Dyer when she was 17.
  • She has worked with hundreds of successful companies and entrepreneurs to help them build a profitable business and delicious life.
  • As one of the first million dollar sales people for Aveda, she loves sharing her strategies on sales and marketing.
  • She is also a happiness pioneer and wrote a book that helps people, like you, create a Recipe for Success.

And this fall, she’s hosting The Big Shift – in Atlanta, GA on September 10, 2016.

Unlike other business events, let me assure you about several things:

  • Wendy is all about CONTENT and actually TEACHING you how to implement strategies that will not only help you achieve more time in your life to do what you love, but to also create more success to fund those activities.
  • She’ll give you simple TOOLS you can use right away to shift from just being busy to being productive and getting the results you tell yourself you will achieve.
  • This is a chance for you to engage and connect with other business owners who are TAKING ACTION and not just talking about growing their business — they are actively DOING it. (Think: JV partners, referral partners, and strategic networking opportunities.)

If you know Wendy, you KNOW she’s all about helping you create a delicious life, which includes a successful and profitable company. But what you may not know is how much she can help you.

I highly recommend Wendy and everything she does—and I think you’ll agree she’s a real resource when you are committed to creating more of a flourishing business and life.

It doesn’t need to be hard to create success and fulfillment — and if it is, now is the time to work smarter, not harder. Wendy can get you there. Get more details and save your seat for The Big Shift today>> https://gs191.isrefer.com/go/BSE/LW/

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