Have You Always Wanted to Create Your Own Card Deck?

by Laura West

Wouldn’t it be cool to create a card deck for your clients?

One they could use daily for inspiration, motivation, instruction or guidance?

I created one a few years ago called the JoyShift cards. I still use those cards with my clients, at retreats and even as a fun way to network.

Card decks are a great way to share your wisdom and have an impact. Not only does drawing a card provide a cool experience, it offers a way for the user (your client) to get just the right content at just the right time in small easy to receive nuggets – the opposite of overwhelm! And they are fun to use.

If you have always wanted to have your own card deck… well, know you can stop dreaming about it and actually create one!

You need to meet my colleague and a dear friend, Marcy Nelson-Garrison. She is a product mentor and she knows how to make your card deck idea happen. She’s sharing how to create your own deck in a 4 part training called The Card Deck Class.

Marcy will guide you step by step through the process of creating your own card deck. And not just any card deck – one that will be a treasured favorite! You will learn how to make your deck stand out and be in alignment with the work you do. You will also learn where to start, what a prototype is and how to create one, how to hire the creative help you need, how to get your deck funded, printed and distributed, and so much more!

The class will be fun, creative, informative and it will get you into action!

Not only will it move your idea forward, it will give you confidence in the process. In other words – she’ll cut out the hard parts and tell you how to actually get it done!

Her class starts Friday, April 21.

Go register here: The Card Deck Class.

Ok… time to turn one of your dreams into a reality!

I can’t wait to see what you create!

PS: And I have some GREAT news, because of my relationship with Marcy I’m able to give you $50 off. Just use this code when you check out: CDClass-50

Yay – we love to save some moolah!

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