Critical Tools: 5 Ways to Take Back Your Power in These Crazy Shifting Times

by Laura West

How are you doing? I hope your week is going well. I know for me it’s been a bit of a tumultuous time. Not full blown upheavel but a rollercoaster of emotions – big ups and careening downs.

The outside influences of the last week of global atrocities, constant uncertainly in the world, being aware of conversations where people are feeling that the much of the world is starting to turn on our beautiful country, friends who are starting to fear international travel, whew, … add to it the full moon energy and a couple of planets in retrograde – wowsa!

In my personal space my son turned 16 last week. It’s definitely been a time of celebration of him moving into a new phase of independence AND I can’t help but notice a low level of sadness that took hold of me as my last child passes into this milestone. Being with the dualality of “I have more freedom” and “I’m not needed in the same way”. Ahhh… breathing through it.

Add to it an ongoing sinus infection that is really irritating me… I know that’s what sinus infections are all about in the emotional world – irritation. AND, I started working with an amazing acupuncturist and healer so I’m intending for things to shift.

All of this and business stuff too!

One bit of wisdom I am learning in my life journey is that there is always going to be “stuff” coming up. And nowadays the stuff comes fast and furious and we don’t have a lot of power over the stuff (circumstances, people, planets) happening around us.

It’s not that any of it is good or bad even, but it’s how we deal with it that makes a difference.

That’s why it’s so important to slow down.

Build in buffer time, me time, down time.

Slowing down to be present enough to observe and understand what is happening around us and how that is impacting us.

So we can notice… How does it make us feel? Whether it’s logical or not, it doesn’t matter. If you feel sad, frustrated, down or even scared when hearing negative stories you need to pay attention because it means your values are getting stepped on.

I wanted to share some of my favorite ways that I get present, acknowledge my voice, values and feelings and take back my power in my own life and business.

5 Ways to Take Back Your Power

1. Know that your voice matters.

There’s no question here. It’s a truth. What you feel, what you have to say, your opinion – matters. The more you own it instead of apologizing or keeping silent… the stronger you will be and the more of a positive impact you’ll have on your surroundings.

2. You deserve space to figure things out.

It’s ok to slow down. I’m so tired of the old pressures to move fast, make quick decisions and the one that says, “Money loves speed.” Money doesn’t care. It’s about you. You deserve time and space to make a decision, to move through your feelings, to grieve and to celebrate. You have to take the time because no one is just going to give it to you.

3. Honor your sensitivies

Stop apologizing for being so sensitive. That’s old messaging from the past (I know this one really well!) Your sensitivities are like one of those metal detectors. You see people walking along the beach sweeping the sand with one of those detectors looking for found treasure. It beeps when they find metal. That’s what your sensitivies do – they beep when there’s treasure. Whether it’s your emotions coming to the surface, feeling overwhelmed with noises, smells or crowds. Your sensitivities are there to tell you that there’s treasure below the surface. Pay attention and honor the message that wants to be heard.

4. Take a break from being available

This conversation is coming up everywhere. On social media, with entrepreneur clients, neighbors, corporate teams… we need to stop being connected to technology 24/7. It’s time to let the pendulum swing back some from being available all the time to everyone to setting some boundaries. One of my corporate clients have started having tech-free meetings. Check your iphones and ipads at the door! Another one of my entrepreneur clients is looking to experiment with her and her daughter having old-fashion flip phones for a month. Take back your time, freedom and attention!

5. Be in your joy!

No one can take your joy away from you. It’s up to you to know what makes you happy and come alive and create your day around that. I love to add on travel days to see friends when I’m on business. My son, even though he’s in high school, would rather have me home because life is easier for him. I have to choose my joy and plan my creative travel adventures anyway. He sees the difference in my mood, attitude and positivity!

Bonus Tip for Taking Back Your Power: Ask yourself if what you are feeling is really yours?

This is a big one for me. I can start feeling irritable, low level malaise, or even sad and wonder what is going on. I then remember that sometimes it’s not mine. I’m so sensitive and empathic that it’s easy to take on other people’s energy – in my house, in my community or even a general energy running through the world. Once I realize it’s not mine… oh, I feel such relief! I can set up my energetic boundaries again and move forward. So, make sure you check in if it’s yours!

I hope you find these strategies helpful for taking back your own power.

I’m finding this is the most important skill in being a successful entrepreneur. When you are in your creative personal power you are more creative and you have resilience. That is what will help you grow your business, attract new clients, say yes, say no, and put your amazing work in the world day after day!

Create a joy-rich day!

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