You’re More Creative Than You Think!

I hear it all the time, “I’m just not creative…”

I’ve got news for you – YES, YOU ARE!!!

Creativity isn’t just painting, drawing, or writing a beautiful song, it’s a mindset, and you can reach it by tapping into that deep well of creativity that’s already inside you!

So, how do you unlock your creativity and let it shine like a beacon in your life and your work?

It starts when you make the commitment to connect with your creativity EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And that’s so much easier to do than you realize! You are surrounded by opportunities to use your creative personal power to consciously and intentionally create the life and the business that you want.

In fact, you’re ALWAYS creating (whether you realize it or not!). Just think about it…

– Every time you get excited about something, or create something you’re proud of, you’re dipping into your well of creativity.

– When you come up with a solution to a challenging problem, the creative part of your brain lights up like the sun!

– When you listen to what your heart is telling you, and treat your ideas with love and kindness, you open yourself to a whole world of creative abundance.

You connect with your creativity in countless ways every day – you just have to take the time to notice it, respect it, and celebrate your mind’s amazing power to build new and wonderful things.

When you recognize your creative wonder woman self, you realize that your ideas matter, that you are ready to share your soul-led talents with the world and that you can handle ANYTHING – because you have access to your creativity!!

I want to invite you to a personal creativity challenge because I know you’re up to it…

First, I want you to check out episode #26 of my TV show to learn more about recognizing your innate, beautiful creativity and releasing all its limitless possibilities.

Then I want you to keep a list of all the creative things you do today.

Write an awesome article? Put it on the list.

Have an inspiring conversation with a potential new client? Put it on the list.

Brainstorm an amazing idea for your next big success? Put it on the list!

Design an outline for your next master class? That’s creativity in action – put it on the list!

By the end of the day, you’ll just how much you rely on your creativity to grow your business… and create a juicy life!

THIS is why you want to put the focus on opening and expanding your creativity every day!

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