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This morning I’m planning on writing at the Green Cat Cafe. Somewhere new for me… I’m exploring new cafes for energy and a comfortable place to write/create/dream/put ideas together.

I’ve kicked off “the summer of writing my book” – finally! I say finally because I’ve been doing this work for so long, the book feels like it’s already been written! (In fact, when I consult with my Guides… that is what they say too!)

I’ll be sharing more about my Delightful Discipline of getting into the creative writing zone as the summer unfolds.

A big part of having a truly joyful business is daring to live into your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Knowing what you are here in this world designed to focus on is both empowering and freeing… and will uplevel and ground your message like nothing else!

In today’s Joyful Business TV episode we explore how living and working from your soul’s purpose can bring deep meaning to your business and make a positive impact in the world while bringing you immense joy, ease and wholehearted success.

I share with you the 5 components (actually components is not the right word… but that is what came to me on the show!) of your Soul’s Divine Purpose and how knowing this will help you be a leader in your SoulWork and share your message in a bigger way with more ease and confidence!

I hope you enjoying watching!

I would love to hear how this resonates for you! Please feel free to let me know!

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