Your invitation for purpose-driven marketing


Are you a coach, author, speaker or purpose-driven entrepreneur with a burning desire to market your business authentically, create a 6-Figure business that you love, and make a big impact in the world?

I bet you can relate!

There are marketing tips and strategies all over the internet, and then there are marketing tips and strategies that come from the heart and work for YOU as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

If this resonates with you, I have a special, limited time, invitation for you:

I’m a featured expert on the Purpose-Driven Marketing Summit. This is a FREE virtual training event designed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you to make a bigger impact and income doing what you love.

When you register for FREE at, you get access to 16 audios and gifts from me and 15 other business and marketing experts, where we share our proven strategies and secrets, including how to:

  • promote your speaking career & books through Internet radio
  • create profitable “passive income” revenue streams
  • overcome what keeps you stuck
  • avoid 3 money mindset traps that keep entrepreneurs overwhelmed & underpaid
  • find your ideal clients
  • express your authentic voice in your marketing copy
  • craft email marketing to build a 6-figure business
  • create & sell high-end coaching programs (even if you’re new)
  • launch your own podcast to promote your purpose
  • package your expertise & passion into products & programs
  • leverage your story to authentically connect & attract clients
  • make your first 6-figures hosting small, intimate workshops
  • turn a 2 minute video into cash in your pocket

And much more!

Enjoy this FREE Virtual Training Series at

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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