Your Creative Voice + Video + Your Story = Results!

Video.  Nothing beats making a personal connection online like video.

As you know, YouTube is an incredibly powerful promotional platform, and new live video streaming tools like Blab and Periscope are just exploding in popularity…

I am stepping up and creating my a bigger splash with my Passion Platform™ this fall.  A big part of my marketing plan through the end of the year includes recording more video.  

However, it’s not enough to just jump on a Blab with your iPhone and start “blabbing.” You’ve got to have a compelling message and a story!

That’s why I’m excited to join my colleagues Lou Bortone and Felicia Slattery, who are going to show us how to do our own 30-Day Storytelling on Video Challenge.

You’ll discover how to craft a compelling story on video that will attract your ideal clients so you can enjoy more success!

Yep. 30 Days of Videos…

You up for it?  (Even if we don’t do 30 whole new videos…we’ll do more than we have now, right?)

Join me on this free webinar on:


Just sign up here and you’ll get all the details on how you can tap into the power of video storytelling.

Click here >>> WEBINAR Sign up

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

P.S. Learn to leverage video storytelling with Felicia and Lou this Thursday Click here >>> WEBINAR Sign up!

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