Your creative dream is calling…

Do you feel you’re being called for something bigger, juicier, deeper, more…. just… more?

What if you had some time to dedicate to that deeper yearning inside? And what if that time could be spent with other creative business women who want that same bigger, deeper, juicier, more?

Welcome to the

Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea!


It is an intimate, creative experience you’ll never forget!!

  • Creative Visioning
  • Thought Leadership Courage
  • JoyArt Projects
  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Fun, play & great conversation!
  • Plus good food
  • Beautiful location on the ocean
  • & amazing women biz owners like YOU!

In this sacred, creative space, you will be creating, and playing… more importantly, you’ll be claiming your expertise, creativity and passion as a Creative Inspirational Leader.

What’s underneath all this playing, creating, and authentic voice exploration?

It’s for YOU to stand out online and in the marketplace.

Magnetically capture your clients’ attention and attract them TO you – that’s what happens when you are original, creative, inspirational, and invite engagement.

It means being more of yourself – authentic & real – in your marketing!


Yes, there will be art…

And it will be easy!

I’ll tell you what supplies work the best (and the right supplies makes all the difference in feeling good about what you are creating).

It’s intuitive. It’s not about the end creation. (I mean it’s great if you want to hang it on your wall, but it’s about the process of creating).

It’s transformational. These simple projects will open up your creative channels for you and your business.

I’ve seen a huge shift in my own creativity, but also in my boldness and daringness as a result of intuitive art projects.


Where and when?


Location: Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, VA
Dates: Monday, January 19 – Arrival after 4pm – Thursday, January 22, Departures after 11am
Place: A gorgeous beach house on the ocean

Your registration fee Includes:

  • Breakfasts and lunches for all days
  • Two yummy dinners. (One dinner on your own)
  • Your own private room in the beach house (room selection preferences are by order of registration)
  • There are only 6 spots left, so don’t delay! (Early bird discounts available if you register by December 5.)
  • Bonus: You’ll also receive a post-retreat Private Coaching Call to help you stay in the Flowmentum!

So, are you ready to go deeper, wilder, juicier?

If your heart is ready, just send me an email, and I’ll send the gorgeous information packet… and then we’ll set up a time to talk further.

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