Your Big Leap – Let’s Do It Together!


by Laura West


As you look back over the week what do you notice? Hopefully, you are counting your blessings of successes!

But what about those things you haven’t gotten to? Those things that you keep saying you are going to do but somehow manage to NOT do them.

I’m not talking about that long to-do list.

I’m talking about doing, creating and showing up in your business in a bigger way. Doing the actions that will really move your business forward. Creating projects that matter. Showing up in a bigger and more visible way.

You’ve probably figured out by now, that we are pretty sneaky with ourselves. We have ways of sabotaging ourselves that keep us small, keep us uncomfortably safe, and keep us from taking risks. 

I know from my 15 years experience as an entrepreneur, you will never fully experience the success you are capable of without taking courageous risks.

Isn’t it time…

  • to create and lead that retreat you’ve always dreamed of?
  • to take a step into the world of corporate for bigger opportunities?
  • to finally own your expertise and leadership and be seen as a Creative Thought Leader?
  • to step up and be committed to making more money so you can thrive instead of just survive? 

This is what I keep hearing from many of you.

So, I’ve created a special opportunity called Big Leap Coaching.

It’s a 2-hour private mini-intensive with me. 

You, me, 2-hours on the phone or in person here in Atlanta at my favorite co-working space – to  help you identify and get clear about what’s next for you, what’s getting in your way and develop an inspired plan of action to help you take the big leap that’s calling you. 

You know me, this is no cookie-cutter solution. 

Each Big Leap coaching intensive will be custom focused for exactly where you are, where you want to go and your authentic marketing style for getting there.

I’m gearing up for a busy fall so I only opened up 4 spots – and 2 are taken already.  Don’t let this opportunity slip away. (seriously, procrastinating is just another way of sabotaging your success!)

It’s going to be fun, creative and very productive!

I’ve reserved two days devoted to these special business intensives.  Wednesday, August 24th, and Thursday, September 1st.

To reserve your spot, just hit reply and tell me a bit about you and your business, and I’ll send you the details. 

I’m excited to work with you and this is really a special opportunity to get the coaching you’ve been wanting and to get the clarity, movement, and plan you need to move forward!

I don’t typically offer one-time coaching sessions so this is a rare opportunity to tap into my creative genius and marketing savvy to help you move forward.

Just a reminder…it’s first come, first serve…so go ahead and reserve one of these Big Leaps for you!  

It’s time to get past your Upper Limit of Success and allow in the success you’ve been dreaming of and talking about.


To your whole-hearted success,



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