Fresh Year. Fresh Energy.


I’m baaaack! Are you?

If you are – welcome back too! If you’re not quite back yet – En-JOY!

I took some much needed time away during the holidays and filled up my well…

My sons were away skiing in Colorado with their Dad (they are older, 16 and 20, so it’s to be expected they are carving their own path.) So, I spent some lovely time visiting my parents and putting a puzzle together. Then I took off with a girlfriend and spent some time down at the beach off 30A (that’s the Florida panhandle near Rosemary Beach in case you aren’t familiar) and if that wasn’t enough… I started the new year with a new car!

I remember the Friday before Christmas I was sitting at a café enjoying some journaling and dreaming. I had been thinking for about a month that I was ready to turn in my 15 year old mommy-mobile (I loved my SUV and it was time…) and get something that was more Laura-style. And something with way more safety features and compatibility with my iphone since I’m a huge fan of listening to music podcasts!

I wrote in my journal… “What if… I started infusing the energy around a new car?”

I wrote down what I could do next to get it moving and see what was possible. So, I sent a text to my brother-in-law who is in the business and he encouraged me to start by test driving. I had already researched my favorite options and narrowed it down to 4 possible cars.

Then I took the action right in front of me. I visited some dealerships. Some visits were more painful than others due to their (lack of) customer service.

I came back home and dreamed a little more. I checked in with my mental, financial, and vibrational energies.

I made requests.

I was committed but unattached.

I journaled. I was clear about my financial plans/commitments.

And here’s my beautiful new baby! It really has felt like magic and miracles…

I want to share this with you because it’s about the power of getting clear, creating a plan, and taking inspired actions.

My new car started with a Vision & a Plan!

The same is for you. Whatever you are dreaming about for this year…

  • a new car
  • a new home
  • a new relationship
  • vibrant health
  • claiming your leadership and message
  • creating the next growth level in your business

It starts with a vision and a plan.

I’m a huge believer in the power of tapping into your creative power by dreaming, journaling, mindmapping… writing it down. Getting it out of your head and making it real.

I’d love to remind you with the new year energy that you can make your own creative plan for your business and life with the Creative Business Planning system.

It’s made for capturing dreams and making them real.

If you want to create your own magical moments this year why don’t you check it out.

I can’t wait to hear more about what you are creating this year!

Celebrating a 2018 filled with magic and miracles!

PS: If you are one of those who are rolling your eyes at my picture of my new red car and maybe you are feeling like I’m being too materialistic… let me share what’s really going on.

Getting a new car for myself feels like the ultimate in self-care and self-love. I had made up my mind to stick it out another year with my SUV. Hey, no car payments! But the truth was that the engine would outlast the rest of it. I rode in a friend’s new car before Thanksgiving and realized what I was missing and how much safer new cars are. I got into my car these last couple of days and I feel like I am taken care of. It was a significant milestone for me financially and also to shift from “mom-mode” to showing up more as “Laura.”

So, yes, it’s a material sign of my business going well but it’s also a sign of beautiful self-care. What is it for you that would make you feel well-taken care of?

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