Brand New Workshop… Doodling for Business and Fun!

by Laura West

OK, you’ve been asking for it… here it is!

Announcing a brand new workshop…

Doodling for Business and Fun!

I have had many requests to teach the art of creating InfoDoodles. I’m finally ready to make it happen for you!

InfoDoodles are fun, creative and attention getting.

Not only that…

85% of us learn best through visual learning. That means Doodling will help you and your audience learn and remember!

Doodling is for more than just mindlessly drawing circles while in a meeting.

You will use doodling tools…

  • As a visual process for brainstorming ideas, projects, growth, vision, strategy and branding
  • To share and teach concepts within your company, to clients, members, students
  • To better explain concepts to colleagues and teams
  • Create learning charts and diagrams to explain difficult concepts
  • Use for better communication in your flip charts instead of your usual “chicken-scratch”
  • Create visual sketchnotes while listening to a speaker, teleclass or webinar
  • Visually enhance your blog, ezine, website, ebooks, webinars and slide decks… and even your flip charts to more interesting and unique!

Join me in Atlanta on Monday, December 5 for a live hands on training for creating InfoDoodles.

Here are the details…

If you are interested, you’ll want to grab your spot quick – there’s only room for 10 people since we are so hands on!

In case you are wondering, absolutely NO experience is necessary! I promise. You can do this!

Cheers to visual communications!

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