Warning: A Lot of Heartfelt Woo… and an Invitation for Rebels…


Several of my clients were talking to me on a call the other day about how they like the tribe I attract. They talked about how important it is to them to meet other like-minded, like-committed, creative, intuitive, successful entrepreneurs! (That’s a mouthful!)

You see, we are rebels at heart.

We walk through the world and create businesses in ways that stretch the boundaries of tradition.

I know when we are grounded we are able to fully believe, trust and move forward with confidence and conviction in our rebel-ness.

We also need to gather with our rebel tribe to support each other, knowing there is another way to be in the world and a richer way to create in business. That we can create from how we show up in the world and that being intuitive, sensitive, creative are strengths to appreciate and build up. And having a meaningful business that is fulfilling, profitable and impactful… makes a difference in the world.

We need to gather to validate that “we aren’t crazy!” (LOL!)

In fact, because we are rebels, renegades and pioneers… we are ahead of the pack.

Think back to those brave pioneers in the U.S. heading out west to find new land and start new towns. They had to leave the comfort and safety behind.

It can be lonely being a rebel pioneer.

One of my gifts is creating intimate experiences for rebel entrepreneurs like you to gather, learn, grow and inspire.

So, I keep asking the universe to send me opportunities to do this work I’m meant to do. What I know is the universe works through people and opportunities. When I slow down and listen, I hear tribe-mates in my community asking to work in person with me and to gather with others who are rebels and pioneers.

I pay attention.

I create from a collaboration of my plans and dreams and by listening to where the energy wants to expand.

Like in-person opportunities for rebels to gather.

That’s why I created the upcoming Creative Business Planning LIVE Workshop in Atlanta.

So we can gather and plan, and, so we can support each other in being a rebel and following the energetic expansion of what wants to be created through us.

I hope you’ll join us for this amazing day of business and personal nourishment. The world needs your work and together we can create a plan to guide you into what you’re meant to do.

Here’s where you can get more information and sign up: Creative Business Planning LIVE workshop.

This is a small, intimate hands-on experience so it’ll fill up fast. Don’t wait!

I look forward to working with you on your beautiful expansion!

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