Women’s Podcasting Group (Special Invite)


If you are looking for a way to

  • express your creativity,
  • share your passion and,
  • claim your spot as a Creative Thought Leader, then read on…

My dear friend and colleague, Ellen Britt of Pink Coattails, is leading the way for the new take and expansion on podcasting and, in particular, for women in podcasting!

Yep, Podcasting. If you haven’t heard yet, podcasting is rebounding and expanding in popularity in a whole new way.

I’m so excited about this idea that I jumped on board!

So exactly why is podcasting so hot?

Three factors have come together quite recently to make podcasting the ‘perfect opportunity’ for real business growth…

1) The rise of apps – these apps have made it simple to get access to podcasts. No more connecting a cable to your computer and wait for downloads. Just click on the app, pick your favorite show and click Play!

2) Easy to produce – Easy to use free software and inexpensive microphones have made it a breeze to produce a high quality show.

3) Demand for specialized content – people want to listen to what they are interested in…they don’t want to have to dial up a radio station filled with endless commercials and they want to be able to listen at their convenience, when and where they want it…like in their car, while they exercise!

Plus, for women entrepreneurs who literally want a bigger voice in the marketplace, podcasting is the perfect vehicle.

This Thursday Ellen is launching her Pink Coattails Women’s Podcast Mastermind Group. It begins on May 22nd, and if this speaks to you, then you need to speak to Ellen!

She already have a dozen plus fabulous women entrepreneurs (including yours truly!) in the private Facebook Podcast group, and we are busy getting to know each other and planning our shows…

…from interviewing authors to podcasts on business creativity and everything in between.

We couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s what got me extra excited…

  • I’m always looking for ways to break out beyond email marketing. This would do that.
  • I’m always looking for creative ways to express my passion about creativity in biz. This would do that.
  • How can I connect with other leaders? I could interview them… this would do that.
  • How can I claim my creative power and message as a leader? This would do that as well.

Add to it, the power of SoundCloud, Stitcher & Itunes (podcast search engines that make finding podcast super easy) AND that new American cars are coming out with podcast listening technology built into the cars so you can listen, pause, save, resume to podcasts in your car…it takes mobile learning to a new level!

Because I understand just how valuable podcasting can be, I’ve jumped into Ellen’s group of women entrepreneurs who want to add podcasting to their businesses…

In addition, the possibilities for monetization are multiple and include affiliate income, advertising your own products and services, and sponsorships…

I know I have been looking for an ideal opportunity that would take me beyond email marketing and without having to go on the energy draining speaking circuit so… want to play?

The Pink Coattails Women’s Podcast Mastermind Group begins on May 22nd and Ellen will do a phone interview with everyone she accepts into this paid Mastermind.

The course will consist of 8 to 12 weeks of step-by-step instructional content delivered via teleconference call (and recorded if you can’t make it).

Plus pre-recorded screencasts to make the technical aspects of setting up your podcast a breeze.

And, we’ll all be together in a private Facebook group where you will connect with the other members and be able to support each other as you launch your show.

If this is calling to you, please don’t wait, as this Pink rocket ship is nearly off the launch pad…

If you want to be a part of this first Women’s Podcast group send an email right now at ellen@pinkcoattails.com with the words ‘Podcast Group – Laura West’ in the subject line…

Plus something about your business and and why you want to be a part of this…

Ellen will get right back to you with a time to talk by phone!

I can’t wait to have you join us on this adventure!



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