Why you should learn to sell on Amazon


Have you been thinking about ways to supplement your income? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a part time job even?

I often think it’s just smart to diversify into multiple streams of income.

I know I am always looking at business ideas and wondering how to make money in different ways that are creative, easy, and fun.

I’ve been very curious about Amazon and the idea of reselling on Amazon, but it always seemed like so much work and way too much to learn.

Well, I just learned that my dear friend Ellen Britt is interviewing Christine Cobb on doing this very thing!

I’m quite curious about how this works!

Are you?

If so, mark this date on your calendar right now:

Tuesday, June 30th at 1:00 pm eastern | 12:00pm central | 11:00am mountain | 10:00am pacific…

because my friend and colleague Ellen Britt is hosting an extraordinary free teleclass…

… her special guest, Christine Cobb, who who is making quite a nice extra monthly income by selling on Amazon!


Listen, I thought I knew what that meant…

… running all over town looking for deals and then hauling them home, packing them up and shipping them off to Amazon…


Although Ellen’s guest knows how to sell on Amazon this way, she has a completely different method…

… one that allows her to work from home at her computer. She doesn’t have to go out looking for products and doesn’t ship anything to Amazon or to her customers herself.

The best part is this:

This woman, a retired CPA, has been quietly grossing several hundred thousand dollars a year in sales on Amazon (yes, you read that right!) and makes a very nice regular income every single month.

She’s going to tell you exactly how she does it (and how you can too!) on Tuesday, June 30th in a live Case Study call…

If you are at all curious as to what selling on Amazon is really all about and whether you can make extra income (or even a full time living) doing this from home, then be on this call. It’s completely free…


Register here….


See you there!


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