JBTV – Who Is Starring in Your Money Movie?

I’m doing the Friday Happy Dance! Are you? I’m taking off to visit family and friends over the next week for Thanksgiving. I’ll be circling the Charleston, Atlanta and Greenville, SC areas.

Before I finish packing, I want to share with you the latest Joyful Business TV Show.

It’s a fun one about your money mindset. Specifically, it’s about becoming aware of the movie about money that keeps running in your mind.

Imagine a movie theater that only plays ONE show, 24/7… it features your money movie! It runs over and over again.

In this movie, you’ll see your favorite, comfortable actors… the hoarder, the spender… the drama queen. I have a character in my movie who is the wise old fashion accountant who wears that old style hat and has an adding machine. He checks my bank balances and financial accounts every day. He does a good job monitoring the in and out… the flow of money making sure all is well.

BUT, over his shoulder is a sinister looking dude… looks like a goblin from Gringotts Wizard Bank in Harry Potter. He’s totally judging and waiting for something terrible to happen!

This causes anxiety and stress when I don’t need it to. It’s an old, old story.

I’ve shifted this character and his starring role to a minor bit part. I’ve expanded the role of my wise accountant who now has a speaking role. He assures me all is well and that I don’t have to worry any more (like when I was a little kid).

It’s empowering to create awareness about your Money Movie characters and the roles they play… and to shift it to a more empowering movie!

I’ll share how in this week’s episode. It’s a very fun and very powerful process!

You can watch this episode here!

You can also watch Joyful Business TV on your TV or laptop!

Just go to Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV! Search for the WIN WIN Women Show and browse for Joyful Business TV.

I hope you enjoy JBTV – it’s a refreshing authentic new way to grow your business… from the inside out!

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Please feel free to send me an email or comment on social media!

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