Who Are The Me’s Running Your Business?

Have you seen the commercial for Zillow where a woman is considering buying a house and she consults all of her different Me’s?

Lazy me, scared me, brave me…. They all have something to contribute to moving the sale forward or keeping it from happening.

It made me laugh out loud. (Thanks to my client, Melinda Thomas for sharing!)

This is exactly what happens for many of my clients in their business. Can you relate?

When I’m coaching a client, there are a lot of Me’s on the call with us!

We’ll be talking about a new marketing idea, say like, hosting a podcast and suddenly there is a committee on the call!

They each show up and contribute to the conversation about hosting a podcast…

Doubtful ME: I dunno. It looks hard and like it’ll take a lot of work. I am probably not good enough yet. I’m sure I need a special microphone and I don’t know how to figure that out.

Striver ME: Yes, this is a brilliant idea! Let me just get a certification in podcasting, and then I’ll be ready to go.

Sensitive ME: I’m feeling kinda overwhelmed. I want to host it, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes who might already have a similar message.

Creative ME: Oh yes! We can do this and then add this other part to it that I was reading about….and I saw this whole other idea last week from a random coach, I can’t remember their name, but we could add that part in too!

Squirrel Chasing ME: I love this idea…but wait…what about video. You know video is hot right. Or Clubhouse. Or Telegram. I listened to a podcast about Telegram.

Scared ME: Nope. Can we talk about something else?

Procrastinator ME: Great idea! I want to do that. I’ll get back to you next week about some ideas. What? You want to talk about it now? But I gotta organize my desk first. Then I’ll get right on it.

Sarcastic ME: A podcast? OMG, do you know how many podcasts there are out there? I mean every out of work movie star and singer started one during the pandemic. I like the idea but really what am I going to say that will be any different?

No one said it was easy to run a business. But they probably didn’t tell you about the committee that pops up trying to drive the bus of your business.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You can take back your power with the ME committee.

As you become more aware of these different voices, you can step into being an observer of your own process. You’ll start to recognize which voices are the most popular for you.

You’ll notice which ME pops up when really triggered…usually when you are stepping into something big or vulnerable.

Your different ME’s are pretty sneaky too. They can be very convincing that their voice is the most important.

Your ME voices each have something valuable to contribute, but there is a difference between letting them weigh in and letting them drive the bus.

There is one voice you want to always listen to, which is the Wise Adult ME. They can listen to the others and discern what’s important for you to pay attention to and what is distracting you from taking action.

Learning how to handle this committee and all the different opinions about your ideas will help you to move your business forward. Getting caught in this “roundabout” will keep you stuck and overwhelmed and most of all – keep you from taking any action in your business.

That’s why it’s helpful to work with a seasoned coach who knows how to bring the ME committee to order and help you cultivate a relationship with your Wise Adult ME.

This week: Start noticing the ME’s who are showing up trying to have an opinion about your business ideas!

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