When you have too many creative passions….

When I work with clients, a big part of our work is around reconnecting and aligning their business (and life) with their Soul’s Divine Purpose.

When you do this, it feels like magic is happening! You feel more confident, assured, and can see why YOU are the person who is meant to bring this particular SoulWork into the world.

You see, you may be like me. Your heart and soul is filled with so many creative ideas that it’s hard to figure out where to focus. I know this path of creative excitement that turns into confusion all too well! (That’s why I’m always working with a support team of coaches, energy healers, etc…It’s impossible to see the clear path alone.)

Recently I worked with a client who is a super creative, heart-aligned woman who is an artist, coach, and mentor. She is at a new season in her life with her family and health issues. In our work together, she is opening up the flow again in her business, unlocking the energetics of her Soul’s Divine purpose, and reclaiming her creative passion projects while starting to see how they can come together.

It is so clarifying and empowering.

The world needs more creative leaders (in all the different flavors) to come alive!

This summer, I have created a small package of calls centered around Calling in your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Many of you have asked for a smaller package instead of committing to six or 12 months. So, this is the perfect opportunity for us to work together!

In this private experience, I bring a blend of opening up to higher guidance and messages from the Akashic Records, the energetics of healing the friction and blocks, and powerful creative coaching.

With the Soul’s Divine Purpose Package, you receive 3 calls:

  1. Calling in your Soul’s Divine Purpose
  2. Calling in your Business’s Soul’s Divine Purpose
  3. Activating Your Soul Work Coaching Call

A package like this would normally run $1,500, but for Joyful Business community members, I’m offering a Summer Special for only $750.

I only have room for a limited number of clients this summer since this work is one-on-one. In fact, there are only 2 spots left and this special opportunity ends Monday, July 31st.

If this sounds perfect for you…

Here is the link for you to sign up for the Activate Your Soul’s Divine Purpose Package with special pricing.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to schedule your first call in the package. My intention is that we have the 3 calls fairly close together so that you get into the Activation & Flowmentum of your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

I’m so looking forward to working with you to open up the expansion energy for your SoulWork in this creative and powerful way!

PS: Just a gentle reminder that I only have two spots left for this special package this summer. This special pricing ends Monday! That’s my nice way of saying…don’t wait to say yes to getting re-engaged with your soul path! :)

PPS: Here’s what one of my beautiful creative clients has to say about our Soul’s Divine Purpose work this summer…

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Laura during our Soul’s Divine Purpose sessions. She always creates a safe and welcoming space. It awakened a sense of enchantment and curiosity, leading me to a place where I am stepping into the next phase of my authentic work, helping me make choices that are truly aligned with my creative potential and that mirror a reality based on lifelong dreams.”

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