What’s your Vivid Vision of Success look like?



Happy Summer to you!  I know it isn’t here officially, but down south the boys are out of college and high school for the  summer, the temps are high and the pool is open!

I always shift into summer gear during these months.  Keeping my mornings and late afternoons free for carpools for early morning workouts and baseball for Sam, maybe a nap when it gets really hot in late afternoon or to take advantage of a spontaneous invitation.  Like today, I had an opportunity to have a breakfast with my soon-to-be 19 year old, Nick.

This is part of why I love being an entrepreneur!

Having a flexible work schedule so I can take advantage of the different rhythms of life is important to me, plus…it’s just plain fun!

Fun is in my vision for success. How about you?  What’s in your vision of success?

To really be *successful* you have to have the courage to claim your Vivid Vision of Success.  What is unique to you that represents success and makes you feel like “life is really, really good?”  What does it look like and feel like?

Here are some of the things I hear from my clients about what’s in their Vivid Vision of Success:

  • Buckets of cash! Yes, for some money is in the top 5 in their Vision Vision of Success. For many of us, it’s in the top 6 but not always at the top;
  • Capability to support yourself (and maybe your family, pets or favorite non-profits!) to have a lifestyle you enjoy without want and depravation;
  • Fun! – I’m not the only one who wants to enjoy the work I do and the people I work with;
  • Ability to travel with friends and family or take that art adventure trip with yourself to Bali (oops, we are back to me again!);
  • Creative Self-Expression – to see yourself bringing forth work into the world that you know you were designed to do and it feels *SO GOOD* doing this work;
  • Freedom and Independence – Let’s face it, as a Creative Renegade I think I may be unemployable at this point. I like being in charge of my schedule and not having others tell me when and where to be;
  • Flexibility – the ability to create a schedule that works for you, your cadence and rhythm and your life’s circumstances and stages. I needed more time when the two boys were younger and both in travel sports to run carpool and now with one in college and other getting ready to drive it looks a lot different.

What about you? What’s your Vivid Vision of Success?

Here’s a link to a cool, creative tool I created that can help you get clearer about your Vivid Vision of Success…

It’s a Vision Map template and visualization. It’s easy and fun to do and will get you spilling out what you really want!

And when you know what your really want…then it’s easier to create a business to support it! That Vision pulls you forward!

Click Here to learn more about the Vision Map template and visualization!

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