JBTV – What’s Your Avocado?

What a weird question!

You’re probably wondering… whaaat do I mean?

And, what does it have to do with my business?

It’s all about embracing your Unique Beautiful Brilliance… going deep into what makes your Soul Work uniquely yours.

Then bringing out that uniqueness consistently in your marketing strategies so you can go from ordinary to extraordinary!

This specialness is what will have you stand out and be a magnet to your Soul Tribe and potential clients.

Want some examples?

Watch today’s episode of Joyful Business TV where I share exactly what I mean by “What’s your avocado” and how this can totally change your marketing success…and I’ll share some of powerful examples!

Episode 58: What’s Your Avocado?

I’ll share with you a core principle for how make your marketing stand out and attract the right clients who will love you and raise their hand to work with you! When you are aligned with your unique beautiful brilliance and your Soul Work… that is where the marketing magic happens!

You can watch this episode on my YouTube channel here.

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  1. Just go to Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV app.
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