What is Your Bigger Why?

I often think back to a conference I was attending over four years ago. I was sitting in a giant ballroom in Washington, DC. It was the weekend after the big women’s march.

The energy in the room was palpable. It was full of women emitting high passion and high vibration.

The conference was called Sister Giant and hosted by Marianne Williamson, author of many successful spiritual and personal growth books (and she also had a run as a democratic nominee).

She had gathered 2000+ women (and a few amazing men) to provide an environment for us to explore what we were here to do, could do, to help make the world a better place.

She kept asking, “What was ours to do?”

It was part education, part inspiration and part a call to step into your passion and purpose.

As I like to say, it was a call to Dream. Believe. Create.

I looked around that huge ballroom, felt the rising energy and wondered what was mine to do?

I knew I was not politician material. Many women were feeling that call to step into that arena in some way.

What was my why? My deeper purpose?

After a few hours of hearing speakers who started movements from things that happened in their families, their backyards, their communities and touched their world, I was getting clearer.

The speakers included one of the sisters who co-created Black Lives Matter, a woman whose stepfather died in 911, a man whose family lost their farm in Iowa which served to change his path to being a lobbyist for farmers, and so many more stories.

I looked around the room and thought…if I could help even some of these 2000+ women believe in their ideas, step into the fact that their dreams mattered…if I could help them be more successful…wow. THAT would be my ultimate epitaph.

Every day I am still connected to that bigger why.

I know I was given gifts to help people step into their power, creativity and leadership. As I write this, I feel the vibration of that truth deep down in my soul.

Many days I read the news and feel a sense of despair and helplessness.

Then I turn away and reconnect where my real power resides which is with my bigger why and owning my own unique beautiful brilliance and purpose.

So how about you?

I know you might be tired, overwhelmed, wondering what can you do.

But you can take good care of yourself so that you can more easily access your power, your creativity and your motivation to help more people with your Soul Work.

When you connect deep down inside with your bigger why, with your unique path and purpose…what do you see? What do you hear?

What do you know about your bigger why?

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