What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – an Intimate Story


I woke up one morning in early January of last year with the absolute clarity that things needed to change in my life and business.

This was the year that my husband and I both were turning the BIG 5-0. That was a wake-up milestone of sorts that had me say, “Enough!”

Some things had to change.

There were things that were broken, ignored, crying out for attention. It was time for me to say YES and commit to it being different.

For me it was things like…

  • Some areas of my health
  • The relationship between my husband and me
  • Owning my creative expression and expertise in a bigger way
  • A deeper commitment to creating consistent financial income to fund ALL my dreams (not just some of my dreams, some of the time)

I suddenly knew… “What got me here isn’t going to get me there!”

There being what I truly wanted my life and business to look like.

Many of these areas I had been hiding from. I was now ready to stand in my inner strength and creative power without compromising my values and integrity… and then look at what needed to change so I could create my There… my ideal life and business.

Over the last year, I have stood strong. Let go. Embraced. Explored avenues. Owned my power. Changed habits. And practiced owning my power. (Yes, it’s a practice.)

This new fresh commitment to my vibrant life showed up in many ways including:

  • Making a huge commitment to nurturing my personal energy: mind, body and spirit.
  • Changing daily habits to support my energy and joy
  • Seeking counseling, having courageous conversations, and finally letting go of my marriage
  • Launching a brand-new mastermind program that focused on the inner journey of courage and creativity and authentic success in business (instead of just quick cash – which is important – but won’t get you “there”)
  • Stepping into renting beautiful beach houses to create intimate and creative environments for retreats (instead of compromising on expensive, ugly hotel rooms)
  • Packaging up my expertise and my courage(!) and launching my first license program
  • Letting out my creativity in all new ways that were exciting and scary
  • Focusing on creating a creative, inspiring, beautiful home as sanctuary for me and my boys.

I’ve been bring this message to my clients, too: What got you here… won’t get you there!

Having them look at what needs to be embraced, shifted, or let go of… in a whole new integrated way.

The results and stories are amazing.

I am so excited about this that I want to share more about this with you, so I created a teleclass series (it’s what we do, right? Learn & then teach!) called “What Got You Here… Won’t Get You There!”

In these 3 teleclasses I’m going to share more about my story and those of my clients and practical ways you can determine what you need to do differently to get to your “there!”


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Taking the step… claiming my There… helping to the lead way for you, too,

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