What do you Get-To-Do this week?

So…what do you Get-To-Do this week?

Last week I worked with several clients on their “Get-To-Do” list, instead of their “Have-to-do” list. It’s amazing how approaching your week with endless zoom calls, writing projects and administrative tasks shifts when you look at your list with wonder and awe.

Yes. Wonder and awe.

I GET to write you this email message filled with creative inspiration, excitement for what you do and create an experience that your business matters and the work you do matters. I wrap it in the intention and the deep desire that you’ll want to know more and that somehow I will change your day, your week or maybe even your year if we coach together!

That’s what *I* GET to do.

What do YOU GET to do?

Join me in the Joyful Business Studio

This is a soulful community of change maker business owners who want soul-nourishing ways to grow their business. That’s what we focus on each month!

This wonder-filled, creative (and oh-so-affordable) membership program you’ll connect to an A-mazing community (think: friendships, support, collaborations), monthly mini-workshops/trainings and group coaching.

If you are tired of the “hustle-grind-formula-launch-launch-launch pressure model” then you’ll love this elixir of business smarts + creativity + joy + spirituality + integrity + realness!

When you join us now – you’ll get the replay of this month’s mini-workshop about creating your Energetic Success Matrix (my clients are SO loving this powerful energy tool) and you’ll be able to join us for Wednesday’s group coaching!

Read the details here: Joyful Business Studio

To your Beautiful Brilliance and Success,

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