Last Chance – Free Webinar – Radical Ideas for Radical Times


I hope you are enjoying your Monday! Here in the States we are celebrating Labor Day. My boss let me have the day off but I couldn’t resist reminding you about tomorrow’s powerful & creative webinar.

I’m going to share with you a buffet of creative ideas of trends, fascinations, needs, problems, and challenges that are going on in the world.

Along with ideas for how you can bring forth your expertise, talents, experience and wisdom to help with these ideas.

These turbulent, fast-paced, unsettling times are your wake-up call to say, “Now is my time to help!”

You’ll be inspired for sure!

And then I’ll share how you can incubate, launch, create your idea into a 30-Day Passion Project!

Here’s the link for the free webinar: Radical Ideas for Radical Times.

I am excited about the energy and creative ideas for tomorrow! I hope you’ll join us!

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