Watch My Joy Video and Create Your Own!


Here’s something I created for next week’s Personal Creativity Module: The Photo Joy Project:

I create these itty, bitty personal creativity modules to help you open up your joy, creativity, and passion again!

I’m hearing from the members how alive and free they feel from these modules!
Here’s what is possible for you – internal results as well as external results from being part of the Business Fusion Studio:

Food for the Right Side of your Brain where that emotional, creative, intuitive side is yeaning to come out more:

  • You’ll have more fun. You’ll laugh more… and attract more
  • You get to practice being messy and risk trying new things… Perfect for new projects!
  • It’s a place for your soul to show up and play
  • You’ll meet other kindred-spirited business women. And know you aren’t alone!
  • You’ll find your creative voice and satisfy that yearning to express yourself
  • Your boost your confidence and feel good again. Isn’t that priceless?!

Food for the Practical Left Side of Your Brain:

  • You’ll get new ideas for your business that will get you excited to grow your business
  • You’ll courageously try new ideas for your marketing
  • You’ll gain clarity and conviction about your authentic message
  • You’ll infuse new life into marketing instead of same ‘ol humdrum formulas!
  • You’ll create whole new paths and new streams of income that wouldn’t have dreamed of before
  • The more creative you are, the more you’ll stand out and get noticed!

I also know… When you increase your Attraction Energy (i.e. fun, aliveness, enthusiasm), you will attract more clients, more money, more joint ventures, and more opportunities!


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Here’s the deal and a helpful reminder:


You can buy ONE module for ONLY $47 each. (Very affordable to test drive this program)


Invest in the All-Access Pass for ONLY $347


And get all 16 Creative Modules to help you with new marketing ideas, and opening up your fun, passionate, creative energy!

Reminder: The All-Access Pass of $347 is only good until tomorrow – Friday, May 31st. (Or you can use our convenient and generous 3-pay and 5-pay plans.) The price goes up Saturday!

Aren’t you ready to let so of the same ‘ol business boredom and ignite your Creative Business Spirit! Read on below for those who agree!

I’m so excited to be here in the Business Fusion Studio!Creativity was once an important part of my life. Writing, painting, drawing were all things that helped me express who I was. That creative fire dissipated as life got in the way.

I’m an Online Marketing and Communications Specialist, and although I love what I do, nothing makes me happier than getting down and dirty with a blank page and colorful markers and letting the contents of my soul pour out.

I’m thrilled about this program and what it will do not only for my business, but for my own personal journey. Thank you so much for giving me permission to let myself play in a way that will help to release and reveal what is inside of me once again. I look forward to merging the person that I was with the person I have not yet discovered. Excited to get to know everyone as we create beautiful businesses together.

~ Jackie Nees | Online Marketing & Communications Specialist


No one knows creativity in business like Laura does, so when she created the Business Fusion Studio, I was immediately sold! My main objective for joining the Studio is to get the creative juices flowing and sustain the flow to create some major shifts in my business.I have known Laura since her corporate days (I’m her very first coaching client!). She was a thought leader then, and she is a creative thought leader and pioneer of creativity in business now.

I wouldn’t miss this experience to learn, grow, create, and have fun!

Paula G. Rosario
Transformational MOMS Expert & Certified Energy Coach


I am loving the Business Fusion Studio, offered by the fabulous and inspiring Laura West. Although I’m only in the first week, the course is loaded with fun, inspiring content that has gotten me immediately moving into creating an Intuitive Joy Journal. I can already feel the joy and creative ideas bubbling up. I just know this is going to be a wonderful journey full of surprises and play. The way Laura gives us permission to play is liberating and taps into a part of me that I was neglecting. I am juiced about where this is going to take me, in my writing career and in my personal life.I’ve always loved to doodle and play with color – now I’m hooked on putting all kinds of things in my joy journal: dreams, celebrations, happy moments. Art supply stores, here I come! The Ruzuku platform is fun and easy to use, and the support team is awesome.

Nancy McMillan | Author of March Farm: Season by Season on a Connecticut Family Farm

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