by Laura West

Right now… think of something good happening in your business or life.

A big shift. A success. A celebration. A big action finally taken. A dream you are stepping into.

Now stand up with your arms in the air and shout “Wagamama!”

You can’t help but smile and laugh and maybe even shake your Wagamama a bit too!

You can feel your power, strength and radiating beauty!

This is a ritual we do at my Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. With every new group we teach the new ones and lead them in claiming the success and their power. (I have a lot of repeat clients who attend so they have become Wagamama masters!)

Wagamama is a Japanese word, roughly interpreted, means “selfish woman.” But not in the way we would say that in English.

It’s sad to say, there is no English word, for selfish woman in the healthiest sense… that stands for a powerful woman who takes care of herself, owns her power and is radiating her light. (Maybe the word Goddess, but that has many interpretations and doesn’t make you giggle as much as Wagamama does!)

It’s a very powerful moment when you see a woman who has a big shift. You can see it in her whole body. Sometimes there are tears, more often, it’s like you are witnessing a heavy burden being set down and her whole body and being lights up. Light starts shining from her face. She literally starts glowing.

We love when a woman has a Wagamama moment. We all stand up in the middle of whatever we are doing, wave our arms in the air and join her in a joyful and deep soul cry of claiming of WAGAMAMA!

It happens many, many times throughout the retreat days.

It’s the deep transformational shifts that happen on these creative-infused experiences that is the reason why so many women return year after year.

The transformation from ho-hum energy in your business to radiating power, clarity and conviction is palpable!

It might seem counter-intuitive to slow down and retreat from your business in order to go fast.

It works every time. Even when I stop working, go out onto the deck to wait for a hummingbird to visit… I get the best ideas or clarity on something I was stewing about. It’s the same idea… only bigger.

And more fun!

If you’ve been thinking about coming to the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea, then let’s talk!

You can read the details here.

And let’s set up a time to talk about making that possibility into reality.

This is a special intimate experience of supportive women entrepreneurs who are up to big things in their lives and businesses. They know that this rekindling is needed.

Let’s talk about you and what the retreat can do for you and how to make it happen.

The early bird discount ends Friday, June 28 so let’s have a conversation so you can take advantage of the savings!

I hope to walk the beach with you and have you feel Wagamama in your soul!

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