Get it OFF Your Vision Board!

by Laura West

I can’t tell you how many women I talk to that tell me they have” going on a retreat with me” is on their Vision Board. A lot of amazing women say this. Maybe you have this on your vision board too?

I’m honored. Really, I am truly moved that attending an experience with me is on your Vision Board.

My Vision Board always has pictures of gatherings of women in cool locations for amazing transformational and creative experiences.

I have had big retreats on my Vision Boards too.

And, what I know is that you get to a point and time where you have to stop wishing and start creating.

You have to show up and start co-creating with life. You have to claim that you are ready. Life is bringing you an opportunity and it’s time to say YES!

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful vision board of wishes.

The whole point behind a vision board is help remind you to align your energy with what you want.

To feel what it’s like to have that “thing” in your life and business now.

And to take inspired actions that are in alignment with your vision.

Like having a phone conversation with me about coming to the retreat.

It’s never going to happen if we don’t talk… so get your courage on… and let’s talk about you coming to the next retreat! Ok?

Here are the details.

Hit reply to this email… and let me know you are ready to move from Visioning to Creating – and we will set up a time to talk!

Hope to have you with us walking on the beach and giggling about how your business dreams are coming true together!

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