[Video] You’ve got to do something different…

In yesterday’s Miracle Marketing newsletter, I talked about what got you here isn’t what’s going to get you there.



I’m hearing from many of you that you know it’s time to step into your Creative Thought Leadership…. Here’s the thing, though: the habits, mindset, and strategies – that you have been doing – are not what’s going to get you there.

You have to do things differently.

You have to think differently.

You have to BE different.

It’s not that you have to be a different person. It’s about being even more of who you are.

You have to open up your courage, creativity, and confidence in a deeper, richer, more visibile, more vulnerable, and more daring way… to get to that new place – that “there.” And you can’t do it by doing what you’ve been doing.

You need something different.

That’s why I created the Creative Retreat-by-the-Sea as a short but powerful incubator for you new, deeper Creative Thought Leadership.

Watch this special video I created for you and for your dreams. I think you’ll feel inspired by the beauty and energy…



We have several people still deciding, but here’s who we know is coming so far… Alicia Forest of AliciaForest.com, Kim Wilkish – corporate-executive-turned-entrepreneur, and Margie Beiswanger of TransformYourBrilliance.com. These are some amazing women doing amazing things…

And all of them wanting to do amazing things differently.

This really is a special opportunity to join me and these cool, creative women in an intimate experience to nurture your dream alive!

If you’re interested in more information, click on the graphic below to take you straight to the Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea information packet.



If after devouring the information packet (you will be inspired) and you have more questions and want to chat, let’s set up a call to see if this Retreat-by-the-Sea is right for you and your dreams. Just send me an email, and we’ll set a time to talk or get you signed up!

Make sure you decide to join us by Friday to take advantage of the special pricing and grab one of the remaining spots.

Here’s to nurturing your dreams alive,

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