[VIDEO] Want a sneak peek into other Passion Projects?

I thought I’d share with you some creative fodder for your day… I’m talking about Passion Projects.

A Passion Project is a creative idea that you are EXCITED about…

Not just any ‘ol run-of-the-mill idea, but one where your soul does a happy dance just thinking about it…

It makes you come alive…

It might even break some “rules”…

Your Passion Project is the very idea you keep pushing aside and saying, “One day…”

It’s also that creative idea that will move you and your business into the spotlight as a Creative Inspirational Leader.

When I say “Passion Project,” you may wonder exactly what I mean. What “qualifies” as a Passion Project?

A Passion Project brings your heart & head together!

I know you’d love to see real life examples!

In the video below, I showcase a dozen examples of 30-Day Passion Projects from all over the world… from 30 days of blogging to starting business boards on Pinterest, to using video to find your true voice to rebranding for the next evolution of your business message!

These stories are all real-life 30-Day Passion Projects, and each and every woman entrepreneur experienced a huge impact! Just from discovering her Passion Project and focusing on it for 30 days!

You’ve gotta watch… you’re sure to be inspired in your own business, and you’ll take away lots of creative marketing ideas, too!

Are you filling up with creative ideas for your own Passion Project?

On Thursday, August 21, I will help you discover your very own Passion Project and share how to get started with my free training teleclass, Discover Your Passion Project.


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs to Discover Your Passion Project!


Title: Discover Your Passion Project Training Telecall
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