[Video message] A Call to All Coaches, Healer, Speakers, Teachers and Creatives


I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how do we plan for the future when the future looks so scary and uncertain.

Well, I get really passionate about this!

I look at this uncertain time as a calling.

A calling…

To play big. To let go of our own fears and dream – plan and act anyway.

I created two videos for you to talk more about this.

I hope you get inspired.


What if I am Afraid to Plan for the Future?




A Call to Step Up for all Coaches, Healers, Speakers, Teachers, Therapists and Creatives – Your Time is Now!


If these messages move you forward and you feel inspired then say YES to planning your 2016 with me!

I am leading a Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat on Thursday. It’s the perfect opportunity to create an Authentic Business Plan that you love, moves you forward and will help you reach and help more people.

And you will feel more in control when you have a plan.

Get the details and join us here: Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat

Now is your time. Say YES to the dream, the plan and the action, anyways!


Creative Renegade,




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