[Video] Is This For You? The Creative Business Retreat – October 2015

Where do business owners go to recharge their spirit and their business?

I know, having been in business for almost 15 years, that you can’t go just anywhere.

You want a place where you can let down the public persona – even if you are being authentic in your business – there is still a “leadership role” you hold 24/7.

  • Where do you go to nurture your own creative spirit?
  • Sink into being nourished instead of having to nourish others?
  • Where can you go for rich, juicy conversations about what’s next for you…while not be expected to have all the answers, but instead, being ok with the exploration and curiosity of the question?
  • Where can you go to play and let go of all the responsibility?

This is what you need to truly move your business forward in a big way….to let go, to play, to surrender, to just be.
This place is…

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea!

Listen in to Alicia Forest of AliciaForest.com talk about why she says this retreat is an absolute must for someone who has been busy growing their business and needs the right place to rejuvenate!

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/3sVAyFwCXII” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

This October, we have 1 space left in this small intimate gathering of seasoned business women.

Women are flying and driving from the US and Canada…a small group is called to come together in this oceanfront oasis.

If you’ve been asking the universe for an answer to where you go for this…or maybe you’ve been secretly thinking about this retreat …well, here is your invitation…


One space left.

Is it yours? You know if you feel called.

I’m happy to talk about it and see if it’s the right answer for what you are looking for.

Just CLICK here and Send Me and email and let’s talk!

call to play and relax and sink into what is really calling you?

This exclusive small group is gathering…it’s just a month away…let’s talk about it. Reach out and email me now…



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