[Video] Did You Miss the Facebook Live? – Here You Go!

by Laura West

We had such a fun time over on Facebook Live yesterday as I gave a sneak peek of the new Creative Business Planning system!

I know you can’t always join in during a live broadcast so I thought I would share the video with you.

I talked about some common problems with traditional business planning and I touched on topics like “brain clutter,” “adding beauty to your business,” and why it’s important to plan in changing times.

I’ve been using these creative business tools with my clients for years. I’ve finally pulled them all together in one place, added some additional tools to make it a well rounded creative system you can use all year long!

And they are made for whole brain thinking… stimulating to the creative side and focused for the practical side!

If you like what you see, I’d love for you to get your own Creative Business Planning system – and when you do it before Friday – you get the extra special low pricing AND you can join us Friday for our first virtual planning day.

(No worries if you are not free on Friday – we have 2 more virtual planning days.)

Check out all the details here!

PS: One of the many things I’m so thrilled about with the Creative Business Planning system is that you can use the tools all year long. You won’t create something and never look at it again… you can use these tools every day! It will truly make your business dreams come alive! Here’s that link again to check it out.

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