{Video} Creativity in Business

by Laura West

Yesterday I did the Joyful Business LIVE Show on Facebook about how to use your Creativity in Business.

In case, you missed it and want some creative inspiration – here is the link.

To watch the show, you need to be a member of my Big Ripples Facebook group. Here’s the link to join and you’ll see the Joyful Business Video Show right at the top.

I hope you get inspired with all the ways you can add creativity into your business to stand out, attract clients… and enchant the clients you have!

Find out more on the show!

PS: Speaking of getting inspired… what if you could get away from it all and be with like-minded joyful business owners who want to create their Big Ripples in the world? Come to the oceanfront on the Virginia Coast with me and a small group of cool, creative spiritual, fun women! We only have 2 spots left for this a-mazing retreat! We actually have 4 women coming back – that’s how good this retreat is! You can find out more details at: JoyfulBusiness.com/retreatbythesea and just email me to set up a time to talk more about it!

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