Video – Check out these creative biz planning tools


Well…how was it?

Your first week of 2016?

I took quite a bit of time off during the holidays for some traveling and creative adventures.  So, I’ve been using this first week for creating my 2016 plans.

In December I reviewed 2015, and got my 2016 ideas and plans down on paper.  This week I’ve been plugging in my plans – deciding my YES’s and my No’s and Not Nows.

I’ve got a fresh supply of colorful sticky notes, markers, calendars and mindmaps out. 

Want to see a sneak peek?


I also want to share with you that you can create your very own Creative Business Plan for 2016!  I’ll share my favorite tools with you and teach you my 10 Step Creative Business Planning Cycle. 

These are creative tools and practices that will help you get your ideas out of your head and onto paper so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and feel like you are in control.

This is the best way to have a year that is more successful than this one. Seriously! Create a plan – one that is fun and inspiring AND practical!

One you’ll use every day!

In fact, on Thursday I am teaching you my creative business plan process AND providing virtual retreat time so you can work on your own plan!

You can read all the details to join us here: Virtual Creative Business Retreat!

You get the best of both world – tools & teaching  and action!

I hope you’ll join us – it’s going to be fun!   And you’ll feel so good about starting the new year prepared!


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