Unveiling… 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator Program

I’m finally unveiling… the 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator Program!

If you offer – or want to offer – 30-Day programs, the 30-Day Passion Project already has a solid, proven structure that is, well, just plain fun, creative and very impactful! You can customize it with your own subject matter expertise (like a 30-Day Passion Project to organize your office or lose 10 lbs) into the 30-Day Passion Project framework (or you can lead it just like I do), and you’re off and running. I’ll show you how.

In my new training program as a Licensed Facilitator…

We’ll cover:

  • Successfully marketing your program – using emails, social media and preview calls
  • Valuable facilitation skills to create engagement, passion, excitement, and success
  • How to lead Intention Setting Calls and Celebration Calls with confidence, engagement, and enthusiasm for taking action (which means they’ll love you AND get results!)
  • How to use this program to seed and upsell future options for them to work with you – in a way that is authentic and easy!

You’ll also receive templates galore!

  • Preview/Introductory Call template
  • Email marketing and social media marketing templates for Preview Call
  • Call templates for all the calls you’ll lead during the 30 Day Passion Project
  • Templates for Flowmentum™ Tools to share during the weeks for continued support
  • How to set up your own Facebook group
  • How to create enthusiasm and activity in the community

Special Bonuses:

  • Free enrollment into the September 30-Day Passion Project so you can participate AND observe the leading process.
  • Private, 45-minute coaching call with me where we’ll work together on customizing the 30-Day Passion Project for your industry and community.
  • Additional calls for “over-my-shoulder” learning about what’s happening in the 30-Day Passion Project – real time learning!
  • Special Facebook Group just for Licensed 30-Day Passion Project Facilitators to ask questions, share successes and get real time help!

Here’s what becoming a 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator can really do for you and your business…

You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to figure out the marketing, the structure, the facilitation, the community building. I’ll show you how.

You get to be more creative in your marketing. The 30-Day Passion Project Program gives you a way to plug your own spin into an-already creative marketing platform. You get to plug in your creative voice into a proven structure! I’ll show you how.

Offering 30-Day Programs to your tribe fits nicely into your business model. You can just get out your marketing calendar and plan two or three 30-Day programs throughout the next year and have a a solid introductory offer in your marketing plan. Half your marketing is already done! I’ll show you how.

You get to be part of a bigger brand as well as part of a highly creative community. That automatically gives you credibility and visibility. You get to use the 30-Day Passion Project logo and present yourself to the world as a 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator. (We just got the logos back from our designer this morning – aren’t they fabulous!) I’ll show you how.

The 30-day format works perfectly for your clients’ busy lives. It’s a short enough time period that people can agree to focus and get results, but not so long that they lose momentum. It’s an easy-to-commit-to way for them to experience you in a low cost and low risk manner – and then want more of you! I’ll show you how.

And by being part of a bigger brand and a group of Licensed Facilitators, you get to be part of a bigger, collaborative, creative brain. You get to be part of a community that does marketing and business differently. I will be encouraging each of you to step into owning your creative voice, message, and talents in your marketing of this program. Everyone will be sharing their questions, ideas, brainstorms, and creative ways of marketing on our calls and in the powerful Facebook group. It’s not about a formula… it’s about how you take strategies that work and make them your own – filled with creativity and life and engagement. . You’ll be plugging in to a bigger creative brain for inspiration and ideas. I’ll show you how.

Now is your opportunity to join this unique group of Licensed Facilitators in the pilot program AND at the pilot program price. It’s a great deal!

You can review all the details you receive (as well as the full schedule of training calls) in this 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitator Training Program Information Page.

Sign up here!

As soon as you join, we will add you to the special Facebook page forming for 30-Day Passion Project Licensed Facilitators so you can begin networking and brainstorming how you’ll become a leader in your niche and community with this program.

I’m looking forward to showing you how!

With creative success,