Unlocking Your Creativity

Stop. Don’t say it!

I’ve heard it 1000 times… ”I’m not creative…”

But that’s not really true, is it?

You create every single day.

You create by decorating your home, putting together that fun kid’s birthday party, or the holiday cookout your neighbors look forward to all year long!

You created your signature look (yes, today’s outfit counts – even if it’s comfy yoga pants on the bottom and beautiful zoom-worthy shirt on top!)

Every day you are creating in your business too!

Writing articles. Outlining the TV Show. Designing a new retreat. Creating a sales page. Answering an RFP. (That’s Request for Proposal for those not in the corporate world!)

The world is changing at a faster and more unpredictable rate than ever before, and tapping into our creativity is one of the best ways to be able to surf the waves in an authentic and powerful way.

If you want to elevate your marketing and your business, you must find new ways to unlock more of your creative expression.

This can happen in so many ways! You unlock your creativity when you find your voice, daring to share new views you haven’t shared before. Or by embracing your Beautiful Brilliance (expertise, talents, strengths, and personality) and bring that into your marketing and programs.

Here are 3 of my favorite ways to open the door to more creativity:

  1. Change Your Environment
    Tired of staring at the same 4 walls? Change it up!

    Work from your living room. Go to Creative Café Time. Write your article while at the beach. Go to a retreat.

    Shifting your environment gives you a new perspective. It opens your eyes to new ideas and ways of doing things.
  2. Find A New Community
    If you are having the same conversations with the same people, it’s time to open your circle of friends! Find a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs who are creative, curious, and committed. You’ll have fresh conversations which will stimulate new creative ideas and possibilities.
  3. Do Something Brave Every Day!
    Taking courageous action creates flow and gets things moving. Take brave baby steps every day and see what happens. Hire an assistant. Return the phone call. Say YES to that new opportunity. Follow up with that potential client.

    Creativity begets creativity. If you take creative action every day, inspiration will flow from you and open a world of new opportunity.

Would you like more ideas for unlocking your creativity in your business? Watch episode #26 of my TV Show at Joyful Business TV!

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