I Keep Hearing How Much You Are Loving These Unique Gifts!

by Laura West

From time to time I will participate in a group promotion along with others who are experts in their fields.

Yes, it’s a way for all of us to build our lists. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that! It’s actually pretty smart marketing.

What goes wrong is when it’s a bunch of random experts from different areas or there are a 100 of free gifts and the gifts aren’t valuable. So what started as a good idea ends up being junk!

Here’s the thing about me… I’m really picky about who I collaborate with!

I know that you get a lot of stuff (and much of it is junk) in your inbox so I make sure that when I partner up with someone that I know it’s high quality and valuable.

That’s why I am a partner in the Heart of Coaching giveaway. It’s a small group of industry leaders – hand selected because they are truly leaders in the coaching industry.

And… the gifts in this giveaway are a bit different. There’s tools for your personal development, to use with your clients, exercises for use with teams and a few creative approaches to marketing success (like my gift!)

Here are just a few the gifts we have for you…

  • A Six-Course Online NLP Personal Development Program from the iNLP Center teaches you how to help yourself and your clients overcome an impressive variety of personal challenges.
  • “Create Your List-Building Signature Talk” Video Training, by Kendall Summerhawk, and awesome training that gives you scripts, handouts & step-by-step templates.
  • You Matter, 7 Keys to Awaken the Magic of Mattering, by Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi, is a powerful audio ecourse to awaken your own mattering and give you new tools to help your clients understand the depth of their value.
  • The Seven Levels of Personal, Group, and Organizational Effectiveness by Ursula Pottinga and Ann Betz, shows us not only where we are, but where we want to go to find that new level of thinking so badly needed in today’s world. Their work is based on current research in neuroscience and psychology.
  • Seven Paths to Play by Gwen Gordon. These seven pithy paths will keep you fresh, open, flexible, and awake to possibilities!
  • Transformational Journaling Kit by Lynda Monk is filled with inspiration and information including 10 life enhancing benefits of journaling, 40 writing prompts and 4 key ways to thrive and make a difference.
  • Creative Vision to Action Kit – a fun and yet practical approach to getting those ideas out of your head and into action – by yours truly – me!

Get all 16 of your exclusive free gifts for coaches now.

I’ve actually received several thank you’s from people in my community who really appreciate the gifts they found in this giveaway. It’s worth your time.

I really hope you en-Joy your gifts!

P.S. The Heart of Coaching Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 7. Go there now so you don’t miss it.

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