Uncertain of what you really want?

I’ve been hearing from so many of my clients and those in the Joyful Business community that they are feeling everything from out of sorts and feelings of overwhelm to being called forth, with all the change, inequities, frustration, and trauma that is front and center in today’s world.

It’s having many of us re-evaluate what is important…at this time.

I hear the stirrings (or strong urges) to help make a difference and create meaningful change but then the HOW question takes over and you feel tired or confused about where to start.

I hear you.

What I know is that we are in a different time.

Having a clear vision isn’t possible right now.

Gone are the days of …here is my future self on a stage, with a book, and the dream is written out with crystal clarity.

The foundations, vehicles and frameworks have all changed. WE have all been changed by what we have gone through and continue to go through.

Here’s what I’m doing….

I’m focusing on who I am being.

Who I am becoming.

Chipping away at the parts of the statue (as Michael Angelo says) and revealing my true authentic self.

Then asking…how can I make a contribution with my gifts?

The exact form in my vision isn’t clear.

But my Being vision is.

Who I am being, and who I am becoming is clear.

“I am a woman who makes a positive difference with my gifts.”

“I am a love-guided entrepreneur who knows the world needs a dose of love, compassion and inspiration right now.”

“More and More I take steps every day to expand my business and make a difference”

I am living into those soul-nourishing affirmations.

I’d like to invite you to create your own soul-nourishing affirmations. To call you forth in what you DO know.

Who you want to BE in the world.

(Trust the HOW will come…..I am a soulful entrepreneur who trusts the how will show up as I take guided action)

You can create these love-layered affirmations with the Energy JAM™. It’s my new product that guides you through creating your very own soul-soothing and soul-calling JAM.

It’s a power script you can read each day to align your energy with your desires.

Yes, it’s a JAM for your soul!

I’ve just launched it and am hearing such positive excitement from clients and colleagues.

You can get yours with the special launch price of only $27.

Go here to sign up!

You also get a LIVE workshop with me to guide you through creating your personal Energy JAM!

The deadline to take advantage of the launch price is Thursday, September 30 and then the price goes up!

My intention is…that this is a balm to your overstressed nervous system while gently calling you forward in making your unique contribution.

If you have any questions…don’t hesitate to ask!

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