Top Creativity Killers for Your Projects [Video]


Creativity is the lifeblood of entrepreneurial success. One of your main goals in creating content is to keep feeding those creative ideas, unique thoughts and perspectives and the Flowmentum ™ going for projects in action.

Every day you are coming up with ideas for articles, blog posts, information products, sales pages and new programs.  Your creativity is constantly being called on for a fresh thoughtful perspective.

But sometimes it doesn’t flow.

The ideas don’t come. The new perspective feels dull and reworked. What’s happening?

It’s the dreaded Creativity Killers.

They are sneaky and you may not realize it’s happening to you!

To help you out, I’ve created this special video of the top 6 Creativity Killers!  Now you can be aware and make the changes to open up your creative flow again.

I’d love to hear from you which Creativity Killers snag you?  Please post your comments below.  And…watch out for Part 2 where I talk about how to get your creative mojo flowing!

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