Today – Fall Equinox, My Birthday, and Your Business Plan


What does the Fall Equinox, My Birthday and YOUR Business Plan have to do with each other?

It’s why we are gonna celebrate!

You see today is my birthday and I so love sharing the joy with you so I wanted to do something special for everyone in my community.

You know…share the love…

And, it’s also the first day of Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere.


That means…Only 99 days left until the end of 2015. (Really! I counted!) 

How are you going to spend those 99 days? 

Lamenting about how you wish your business would take off?
Wondering about what you should do next to grow your business?
What if you created a plan and took some action?
What if creating a plan and taking action …was fun? (no I haven’t sipped a birthday margarita this morning….)
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After having so many clients feel frustrated because they didn’t have a business plan and quite frankly, they didn’t know how to create a business plan and dreaded the idea, I created the Joyful Business Guide.

It’s a Creative Guide to designing the business of your dreams.  It’s fun. It’s flexible. It’s a living business plan.

You can bring in that creativity of yours to do it.

It will spark your creativity too.

And best of all, you’ll have  business plan that you love. And THAT will inspired creative action!

Which leads to amazing success!

So…back to my birthday. 

Because I want to share the joy with you….I am offering you a Birthday Special on the Joyful Business Guide. 

A special price and a chance to work with me on your Joyful Business Guide in TWO special bonus calls.

Read more about how you can get your own Joyful Business Guide & Birthday Special and start creating a plan today! 

Click here to see this Birthday Special – hide link behind here please

En-JOY the birthday celebration energy!

You see…when you align your energy with your natural passions, talents and gifts….and then have a plan to share it with the world through your business….changing people’s lives along the way….enjoying the work…..then your business will grow with ease, focus and grace.


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