Your To-Do List This Week…

by Laura West

What if your Fun and Fabulous Follow Up system looks something like this? Every day you commit to reach out to 3 people a day. And… what if you let it be fun, authentic and come from your heart?

Monday 1. Send an email to the woman who led a fun virtual networking meeting. You want to just reach out and tell her what a good job she did and how much you enjoyed the program. (You never know where these connections will lead you both.) 2. Send email to a current client wishing them a successful week and asking them what big plans they are working on in their business and how can you support them. 3. Call a past client to wish them a Happy Birthday and see how they are doing!

Tuesday 1. Send a LinkedIn message to the mom from your son’s school and see if she wants to schedule a socially distanced walk & talk to continue the interesting conversation you were having over the weekend about your work. 2. Remember that person whose business card is sitting on your desk from before covid? Email her and ask if you can set up a connection call to get to know each other better and how you can support each other. We all need some genuine connection and conversation these days. 3. Send an e-card to a past clients (who you’d love to work with again) wishing them a wonderful week.

Wednesday 1 and 2. Send an email to the two women from last night’s virtual class asking if they would like to have a virtual coffee. 3. Send a note to a woman you met on a virtual networking meeting but didn’t feel a strong connection to – letting her know that you enjoyed meeting her and let her know that you send articles and tips on “insert your expertise here” and see if she is interested in signing up (provide the link) or if she knows someone she can share it with. (They don’t have to be an ideal client to follow up – maybe they’ll refer you.)

Thursday 1. Send a note to a current client congratulating them on their program success! 2. Send an email to the program manager of the virtual conference you’d love to speak at and mention that a colleague referred you. 3. Text a potential client and let them know you saw their new headshot photo on Facebook and wish them a congratulations!

Friday 1. Send a personal email to a potential client to check in with them and see if they are ready to have a conversation about how you can support them. 2. Send an email following up with a conversation about a client who expressed an interest in your program at yesterday’s virtual luncheon. 3. Send an email to a colleague and suggest you get together for a coffee or tea and hear more about each other’s businesses and discuss how you might support each other.

Imagine the energy, connections and possibilities you’ll stir up! It doesn’t have to be hard. Keep it simple. Be consistent.

3 Follow Ups Every Day. Track your efforts. Create a system to be organized. Repeat. Every day. This will totally change your business! In the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge I make this easy for you! I help you create a system and give you ideas for creative and authentic ways that you’ll be excited to use in building relationships! Plus, it’s so much fun to do this together. You don’t have to grow your business alone!

Want to join us? We start soon! See all the cool tools and bonus templates you get here. It’s crazy good affordable too. It’s truly a fun way to incorporate this success habit into your day!

It will truly help you get more clients, more referrals, close the sales gap, learn about speaking opportunities and just increase your feeling of confidence and abundance.

PS: Here’s what one of my clients has to say about the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge! “Fun & Fabulous Follow-up is a frame of mind that shifted me out of follow-up paralysis.” “It has helped me reconnect with people in an easy, authentic way. In the past month, two of the people I’ve been doing fun & fabulous follow ups with every few months, called me to say they were ready to work with me!” –Melinda Thomas,

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