Tired of playing small? Unleash your creative spirit!


What I find as a coach helping women entrepreneurs step into their courageous creativity is that it is so easy to keep ourselves small and safe.

Even though the price we pay shows up in our health, wealth and spiritual well-being.

My job as a coach is to see the bigness of my precious clients and gently support them in own their creative power. I’ve walked this journey (and still do), so I know it well.

That’s one of the reasons I was delighted to be invited to speak at Lori Noonan’s free Soul Shine Series 2014 – When playing playing small no longer serves you: Discover the secrets to unleashing your creative spirit and playing a bigger game.

Lori has hand-selected each guest speaker, and I am honored to be among them!

Each speaker is giving away FREE bonus gifts, too!

The event is virtual, so you may tune in anytime during the event. Sign up here, by July 20th.

What’s the Soul Shine Series All About?

This is a transformational online event designed to empower YOU to make the shifts necessary to leave behind any resistance that may be keeping you from unleashing your creative spirit, and stepping up and playing a bigger game.

The Soul Shine Series is about SERVING YOU (and others around you) when you’re realizing that you are no longer willing to dim your light, suppress parts of who you are, and continue to play “small”!

It is about helping YOU come out of hiding, and being your brightest, most sparkly, fully expressed and authentic self! When this happens, you and those you love, experience a better and better world.

This could mean that you…

  • Finally start writing that book!
  • Start a passion-based business, or take your existing business to the next level.
  • Step up and play a bigger, bolder role in your relationships.
  • Bring forth that creative talent you know you have within you.

Through this series of short, but impactful 30-minute interviews, you’ll be provided with a vivid picture of what it means to create and live a life of unbridled authenticity, meaning, and expression.

Access your FREE ticket to this online event now. Make sure you sign up by July 20th!

I am looking forward to joining you for this inspirational series!

From my heart to yours,


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