JBTV – There’s Money in Your Soul Tribe! & Powerful Questions…

I love to spending some time on Friday’s at Creative Café Time reflecting on the week and checking in with my business.

I review the week and see where I am with my 90 Day Plan. Plus, I ask myself these powerful questions:

  1. What or who are 3 things/people I am grateful for?
  2. What is working in my business this week?
  3. Where did I make progress? (gold stars for progress!)
  4. What do I need to let go of? Or am tolerating?
  5. Where is there opportunity for expansion right here in front of me?

That last question – Where is there an opportunity for expansion right here in front of me? It’s a goldmine!

Review your week and you’ll see all types of opportunities right here within your Soul Tribe.

This is what I talk about in more detail in this week’s episode of Joyful Business TV.

#59: There’s money in your Soul Tribe!

One of the best success strategies to exponentially grow your business is to nourish the relationships in your Soul Tribe!

I share…

What is a Soul Tribe?

Who are the 6 types of people in your Soul Tribe?

What I mean by there is money right here in your Soul Tribe!

Listen in for the juicy episode. It could be the thing that helps you grow your business and make you even more money with the relationships you have created already!

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