There really is no guarantee…

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams – Thoreau

I have been talking to a lot of people in my community lately about their business dreams. Hearing about where they are, where they have been and the dream of where they want to go.

Underneath their stories is an unspoken desire…they want to have a guarantee that this business dream will happen. That it is possible…for them.

What I know for sure is that when you are consciously living in the universal abundance current, you experience an inner direction and the unfoldment of creative activity. Opportunities, support, creative ideas and energy come to you.

Truly anything is possible.

But not if you stay in dream stage.

Believe me I am a big dreamer. I love using the power of imagination. It’s when my soul gets a say! It’s when my truth makes itself known.

But dreaming and visualizing isn’t the whole picture when you want to manifest.

Let’s say…you decide you want to go on a fun, adventurous vacation. You don’t hope that it magically appears. You start feeding it energy. Believing it will happen. Getting curious. Taking little action steps.

It starts with… imagining yourself on vacation. Ideas will pop up like I’d really like to go to Costa Rica. It will be fun, adventurous, beautiful and joyful!

Then you start checking out cities to visit in Cosa Rica, look up airports (there are 2 choices, fyi) and flight options, and things to do on the island country.

You start talking to a partner, spouse or friend about joining you. You look at possible dates on the calendar.

You keep feeding it energy with thoughts, stories about how fun and amazing it will be. Then you start taking action steps. Booking the flights. Buying a new bathing suit!

Suddenly you will see friends who are on retreat in Costa Rica on facebook and instagram! Your coach calls in from Costa Rica (that happened to me last week!) You start having conversations about recommendations and experiences that you can do.

You fully immerse yourself in the intention, energy and action… “I am going on an adventurous vacation in Costa Rica!”

Your dream of having a vacation adventure starts taking shape.

Now even with all of this. There is NO GUARANTEE.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get to go. (things happen! Ask my client and friend who was supposed to leave for the rainforest today)

There’s no guarantee that it will be as fun, adventurous, exciting, and beautiful as you imagine.

But there is more of a chance you’ll experience that when you allow yourself to commit to the idea of a creative adventurous vacation in your imagination and by taking actions, right?

It might seem obvious.

However, I talk to a lot of business owners who dream of their business success and don’t put themselves in the action of creating it.

They don’t commit. They don’t really CHOOSE.

When you choose to step into your business dream…you talk about it, you find friends and colleagues who have a similar dream, you create offers and share them with your community, you hire a coach to help you.

And still…there is NO GUARANTEE.

There is no guarantee it will turn out exactly like your dream.

But for sure it’s more likely to happen when you move it from the dream in your heart…to creative ideas in your head and then to courageous action coming from your gut. (or your solar plexus chakra)

To be an entrepreneur is to move forward with confidence even in, especially with uncertainty.

I’ll say that again…To courageously to move forward even with uncertainty.

We all want a guarantee… If I go to Costa Rica I’ll have the most amazing vacation ever! If I start a business, I’ll get clients right away. If I hire a coach I’ll grow and expand easier and faster.

The only guarantee is that it won’t happen if you don’t commit to your dream.

So what dream are you holding hostage because you aren’t taking bold courageous action?

What dream are you keeping from growing and becoming real because you are secretly waiting for a guarantee that it’ll work and be exactly like you imagined?

What is the bold courageous action you can take today to commit to your dream?

Then watch for the universe’s creative ways it will rise to meet you through synchronicities, opportunities and support!


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