The Transformational Power of Retreats

I am such a believer in the amazing power of retreats to support your expansion and creative life.

This year, I’ve certainly had pent up demand for retreat time. In January, I called in travel and creative adventure opportunities, and they have landed in my lap. This year I will have attended retreats in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Ashville, and Yosemite.

I’ll have led several private VIP Day Creative Business Retreats here on my beautiful oasis on the marina and will have led two group retreats at the oceanfront on the coast of Virginia.

I believe that having time out and time away from your business is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business!

You are the guide and driver of your business. You need time away to rejuvenate and fill your own well, to have rich, deep conversations with other entrepreneurs about life and business, and to grow into the new identity of the successful, generous, creative entrepreneur you are becoming. (You can’t get that at home in front of the computer!)

I have found, repeatedly, that environment matters. Environment is one of the 7 Energy Centers I talk about for managing your success.

Going to new, invigorating, beautiful places changes you… at the soul level.

The travel itself, opens you to new adventures. It stretches you and wakes you up! Travel keeps you nimble and flexible in your mind, body and spirit. We need those qualities to be a successful entrepreneur – being flexible and nimble in our business!

The transformational gifts of attending retreats:

It is a Time to Surrender
At a retreat, you get to lay down the daily pressures and surrender to the present. We so need the practice of BEING – right here, right now. To relax our nervous system so that we can see and face the future with calm and insight.

Time to Connect to your Body
I find that traveling itself calls you to be in your body. Juggling suitcases and backpacks, figuring out where you are, and there’s always lots of walking involved. Travel is physical. It’s good for you to reconnect to your body and be off the computer for a while.

Retreats can also help you reconnect to your body on a more spiritual level. Walks on the beach or in the forest, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and dancing by the light of the full moon are all ways I’ve reconnected to my body over the last few months.

Reconnecting to your body helps you to access greater presence, clarity and groundedness.

Time to Connect to your Higher Wisdom
When you let go of your daily life, there’s space and grace to open up to your higher wisdom. The guidance that wants to support you in your expansion can find a channel through you, into you.

I love consciously bringing my guides on my travels. I have an image of them all around me having a garden tea party. They get their to-go cups when we travel. It helps me to remember that I am never alone.

Plus, it’s a fun and creative way to move through life…and on a trip that might be stretching me in many ways. (like going to Guatemala!)

What is your connection to Higher Wisdom? Can you bring them on your next trip?

Time to Listen to the Whispers
Travel and attending retreats always brings that quiet time, when you are looking out over the vast ocean, with soft eyes, watching a sunrise, feeling your heart opening…and in that moment you can hear that still small voice inside. That whisper of a dream, a desire and the yearning for what wants to be created in your life and business.

We need retreat time dedicated to listening to the whispers so we can stay in alignment with our soul’s desires. That’s how we stay relevant with ourselves , and stay passionate about our business and our life!

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